Kanye Opens Up Beef With Drake With Bizzarre 113 Tweet Long Thread

Also a few Tweets about how everyone will miss him if he's dead, so whatever.

Being Kanye West seems exhausting. Wasn’t it only a few months ago he was going around hobnobbing with Donald Trump, only to drop the whole thing after being associated some questionable Candace Owens dealie? And now here comes the latest in the glorious but exhausting saga that is being Kanye West. In this case being Kanye West means posting a massive 113 Tweet long saga when Drake asks you to clear a song as a sample for his upcoming track “Say What’s Real” and apparently you are absolutely not having it!

And why? Apparently Drake making fun of Kanye’s — the rapper turned MAGA supporter turned rapper again — shoe line, the Yeezys.

Ooh! So dramatic! Wow! Food out of Kanye’s kids’ mouths!? Is Kanye a guy who owns a sneaker outlet that only sells Yeezy’s? Or is he a guy who’s been repulsively rich since the aughts. Rich enough to hire his own firefighters as people died in the Malibu fires earlier this year.

Food out of Kanye’s kids’ mouths? Any millionaire who isn’t feeding the world with his untold wealth should be highly suspect, as is Kanye’s image of his kids starving as a random quote from Drake causes the stock to plummet on a sneaker line he created as a person who is just dabbling in whatever the hell is going on with his fashion line.

The thread then took an abrupt turn after Kanye claimed that Drake called Kanye threatening him, and for 100 Tweets.

Honestly, the whole thing feels very gaslighty. Especially statements such as this. Check out the sentence structure of this Tweet. You have to get to the very final word before realizing that Kanye isn’t accusing Drake of threatening his kids. Just his kids’ father. Which is uhh… which is him.

Or this absolute bit of turning the gaslight in a lamp slightly down. “I will never hurt you” has never been less convincing when it’s in the middle of an attempt to burn down someone’s career because he insulted your weird sneaker business.

Some choice Tweets include Kanye tooting his own horn (toot toot), and accusing the world of not appreciating him during life the way they failed to appreciate Michael Jackson. I am pretty sure we all felt weird about Michael Jackson because he was accused of being a pedophile, so it might not be the best comparison to take.

There’s no way I can post the entire thread, so here are some choice Tweets that clogged up my feed as I was taking an Uber to a party yesterday in image form.

Kim Kardashian logged on as well to defend Kanye’s claim that Drake threatened him. None of this really passes the smell test. In the past Kanye made the claim he was being censored at SNL when all evidence seems to show otherwise, so the guy, much like his beloved Trump, has a habit of exaggerating his victimization while being one of the most successful people on the planet.

These people are insufferable.

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