Kanye Premieres New Album ‘Ye’ in Wyoming

Fans are split on this seven track new album.

by Amy Walters

In the past few weeks, Kanye West has been rather controversial on Twitter, voicing his opinions on subjects that he should have just left alone. But despite this, the rapper has announced the release of a new album, which will be titled ‘Ye’.

The album dropped today, June 1st, a day after the album’s listening party event, which was hosted by comedian and actor, Chris Rock, and took place in Jackson, Wyoming. But, before we listen to any more songs that talk about scooping poop, a few people who attended last night’s event, have taken to Twitter to review the album.

The album appears to have an “old school Kanye” vibe and has been compared to the likes of one of the rapper’s earlier albums, ‘College Dropout’. Some have even called it a ‘piece of art’.

However, some people are not very pleased. The album has been considered boring, and not very unique, which is odd for Kanye, as he is one very unique guy (a bit eccentric, too).

However, Yeezy will always have rhythm in his heart and a trick up his sleeve, and we’re sure this album is going to be one of his best yet. With the lead up to the album being slightly rocky, and many deciding that they no longer support West due to his opinions, the album listening party event has definitely turned people around, and the support for Kanye and his music has never been stronger.

If you would like to watch the listening party, you can catch it on the WAV app.

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