Kendall Jenner Sparks Controversy After Throwing Shade On Models

Is this Kendall's worst controversial act yet?


Even though Kendall Jenner is only 22-years-old, she has sparked controversy multiple times in her career and we’re pretty sure this time won’t be the last. However, this time, Kendall’s comments about her modelling career in a recent interview with Love Magazine, could possibly risk how many jobs she gets offered. She said in the interview with the magazine that she’s ‘super selective’ when it comes to choosing which runway shows to walk, as she’s not the type of girl to do many shows each season.

Although this comment may have had no harsh intent, she finished it off by saying “whatever the f**k those girls do…I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else.” Woah, hold on there, Jenner. We’re pretty sure many models don’t all get handed a television show on a plate, where they can make a name for themselves and get easily noticed by modelling agencies. Models usually have to work so hard to get noticed by an agency, and even then, it’s hard work getting picked for catwalk jobs, so you would take on as many catwalks as possible to get your name and face out there.

It seems like Kendall is completely out of touch with reality, as she has never had to work for anything in her life, so this comment really got underneath people’s skin. Jenner’s comments were made in relation to the fact that she apparently ‘was on the verge of a mental breakdown.” We get that times to do get very stressful, but I’m pretty sure being handed job after job, with the option to say no if you don’t want them, is far less stressful than getting no jobs at all. Also, this is just a excerpt from her interview with the magazine, so maybe we’re not getting the full story.

Many models have taken to Instagram to comment on the post, with the majority saying how offended they are by Jenner’s comments…

Others across social media saw the post and took to Twitter to share their experiences of being in the modelling industry, and how they were actually so stressed to the point of a mental breakdown, unlike Kendall who’s so stressed because she can’t be bothered to take a few more jobs because she already has enough money…

Some shared their experiences of when they worked with Kendall Jenner, with many saying how whenever she walked into the show room, she was the priority, even if she refused to do many of the things she had been asked to do.

However, after all the backlash Kendall received because of this post, she commented on the situation, saying how everything she said was taken out of context completely, and that her comments were intended to be a compliment to all the hard-working models out there who are “tirelessly committed” to the industry.

Whether Kendall’s words were twisted, or taken out of context, you have to give props to all the hard-working models out there, who do over 30 shows a season, experience copious amounts of stress, but still own each show like it’s their own.

Do you think Kendall’s comments were taken out of context? Do you think she doesn’t understand how hard the industry is because of her background? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.