Kimmel Asks Kanye If Donald Trump Cares About Black People

Kanye was left speechless by the questions


When Jimmy Kimmel had Kanye West on his show for an extensive interview, he asked Kanye West if he thought Donald Trump cared about black people, or any people, leaving the famously loquacious musician speechless.

Kanye West has went from America’s most inventive rapper to a man who elicited rage or concern follow his support for Donald Trump and other alt right thinkers. By now the story is completely familiar, but its worth retreading. Shortly after Donald Trump won the election based on a campaign of white supremacy and patriarchy, Kanye West said at a concert that he didn’t vote but if he would have he would have voted for Donald Trump. This led to Trump dying his hair blonde and then eventually meeting the then President elect at Trump Tower.

The public chose to forget that, but it was not to be as Kanye doubled down on his love for Trump, ignoring all of the destruction Trump has been doing to communities of immigrants and communities of color and instead focusing on his anxiety that someone would not have him be a “free thinker”. This was a path that led to Kanye West saying that he thought slavery was a choice.

Now, with his return to TV, specifically, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, we wonder what he’s going to say, and Kanye’s expounded mostly on “free thinking” and “love”, saying most memorably that we live inside a simulation, and that we have to choose love over hate. As it has been in the past, Kanye addresses less the meat of an argument towards supporting Donald Trump and more the meat of an argument that he should just do whatever he wants, pointing to arguments that when we teach a child to behave we teach a child to act fake.

Once Kanye is finished Kimmel quietly reminds us of a better Kanye West, the kind who said “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people”, and, reminding Kanye of Trump’s separation of immigrant families, asks if Trump cares about black people or anyone. This results in the unthinkable from the legendary rapper who is never in need for a minutes long monologue touching on complex topics: it rendered Kanye speechless. The audience was on its toes and Kimmel, sensing an awkward moment, cut to commercial.

Check out the full interview below.

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