Panem’s Capitol TV Takes Over YouTube

  • CapitolTV Presents ‘DISTRICT VOICES’ – All-New Series!

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    The Capitol of Panem has taken to YouTube to get the attention of all its citizens. In this new 5 episode series, a YouTuber represents a different district in Panem, showing everyone their district’s specialties.

  • CapitolTV’s DISTRICT VOICES – District 8’s Resourceful Style

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    From District 8, we have Rob and Corinne of ThreadBanger here showing us what they’re capable of when it comes to fashion. They show us how resourceful they are, by making special pieces out of the leftover material used to make the Peace Keeper uniforms.

  • CapitolTV’s DISTRICT VOICES – Keeping the Peace with District 2

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    In District 2, we’re not checking out their masonry, but their training regiments for those destined to become the great nation’s Peace Keepers. We see their high level of strength and conditioning, as well as their disciplined direction. These fighters truly take pride in their task.

  • CapitolTV’s DISTRICT VOICES – District 5: Electric Sparks From Falling Water

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    Next, we travel to District 5 to see the many innovations when it comes to the energy powering Panem. We even see energy being generated from almost nothing at all.

  • CapitolTV’s DISTRICT VOICES – A District 9 Paean to Peeta’s Bakery

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    Who isn’t a fan of Peeta Mellark? He came through the Hunger Games victorious, and is now working with President Snow. Before the fame and riches, Peeta helped his parents run District 12’s only and most prominent bakery. Peet’a biggest fans are unsurprisingly from District 4, where much of the nation’s grains are grown. Here are two representatives from the district showing us how to make one of Peeta’s most popular desserts, the apple goat cheese tarts!

  • Capitol TV’s DISTRICT VOICES – Transporting Our Heroes with District 6

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    Our final destination is District 5, the district whose creations have been helping us with our travels throughout the nation. They build everything from the hovercraft, to the high speed train. But today, Justine Ezarik is showing us the vehicle used by the nation’s noble Peace Keepers.

    What a great walkthrough of all Panem has to offer!

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