Taryn Southern’s “Searching For Katie” Exposes A Bizarre LA Cult

  • YouTube darling Taryn Southern is a singer, actress, comedian — and now a film writer and producer. The new film is called Searching For Katie, and follows the disappearance of a girl and her possible connection to a Los Angeles cult.

  • Source: vimeo.com / Via: vimeo.com

    Southern stars as herself, and as she starts to learn more about a group called the Young Artists Co-op, she realizes things aren’t quite what they seem. (Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts here.)

    The YAC even has their own YouTube page, if you feel like diving headfirst into the story.

    Searching For Katie is available for rent and purchase on Vimeo right now! Perfect for the fans who want to stay home and get creeped out on Halloween.