The Official “Into The Woods” Trailer Will Make You Want Christmas To Come Sooner

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    Are you excited? Because I’m excited. FINALLY, after months of teasers, featurettes, and movie posters…we finally have a trailer for Disney’s movie adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods. Yeah, that’s right. A theatrical trailer, with actual singing. While many musical theater fans are (rightfully) wary of the fact that Disney is the studio behind a not always so kid-friendly musical, I think this trailer is enough to get any musical theater fan at least a little bit excited. The movie has a killer cast, and the trailer looks beautiful so far.

    The trailer isn’t the only thing that Into The Woods released this week. To get fans excited for all of their favorite characters venturing into the creepy woods to make their wishes come true, they released ten moving character posters. Check them out below.

  • Itw cinderella
  • Itw bakerswife
  • Itw prince
  • Itw baker
  • Itw witch
  • Itw wolf
  • Itw littlered
  • Itw otherprince
  • Itw rapunzel
  • Itw jack