The “Pitch Perfect 2” Trailer Is Aca-Amazing

  • ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Trailer

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    I’m excited, are you excited? How excited am I? I’m in New York for the first time ever and I’m typing this post while in a Lyft. I also may or may not be the owner of upwards of 6 Pitch Perfect ticket stubs to prove my excitement for the sequel’s trailer.

    It has EVERYTHING any Pitch Perfect fan could ever want! A not annoying rendition of “Cups”, a shot of all of our Barden Bella babies, Rebel Wilson being Rebel Wilson. Oh, and did I mention that Flula is in the trailer?! That’s right, YouTube’s very own Flula is going to be in Pitch Perfect 2 and he’s just as I’d imagine he’d be. A sassy German a capella competitor with what looks like copious amounts of eyeliner.

    Don’t know who Flula is? Check out a recent “Auto Tunes” he did with another one of our favorites, Mamrie Hart!

  • 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton (Auto Tunes f. Mametown)

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    Can May 2015 just be here already? I want my Avengers and I want my Pitch Perfect! Also, there are SO many questions to be answered! Are Beca and Jesse still together? Did writer Kay Cannon use the last name the Pitch Perfect fandom gave Chloe? Why is Bumper back? THERE’S JUST SO MANY. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

    Also, if you’re judging me by how obsessed I am with this underdog franchise…. I’m gonna finish you. I’m gonna finish you like a cheesecake.

    Of course, as usual, Brendan Bradley has something to say about the whole thing:

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