Spielberg vs. Hitchcock vs. Tarantino vs. Kubrick….vs. Bay?

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    Epic Rap Battles of History fans have apparently been clamoring for a duel of Great Filmmakers for some time. Hitchcock vs. Spielberg was widely selected, but Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD couldn’t just stop with those two.

    Quentin Tarantino drops both directors down to size, and Kubrick shows up to put to bed any notion that anyone can compete with him in terms of visual artistry. I mean, seriously, you could take a frame from almost any Kubrick film and hang it on your wall.

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    Yeah, that’s beautiful. So, it’s too bad that the whole thing gets sullied by Michael Bay swinging in on a goddamn helicopter to wave his bags of money all over the place. I mean, just look at that shot above.

    And now look at this:

  • Transformers 3 ironhide

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    I’m pretty sure this is an actual still from the third Transformers movie, the central focus of which is a giant garbage can filled with junk metal.

    So, yeah, I’m calling the winner as “anyone but Michael Bay.”