Watch ‘The Interview’ Right Now!

  • UPDATE: You can now rent or purchase The Interview. It’s $5.99 to rent on YouTube, Xbox, and Google Play. Have fun!

  • UPDATE: The release is confirmed. CNN’s Brian Stelter reports that YouTube, Microsoft’s XBox Video, and several other streaming services will make The Interview available online at 1:00 pm ET today.

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    Sony is using to announce and host this information. As of this writing, it appears to be down due to heavy traffic.


  • YouTube has “tentatively agreed” to release Sony Pictures’ The Interview as a rental on Christmas Day, according to CNN’s Brian Stelter.

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    The move comes in addition to allowing independent theaters across the U.S. to show The Interview in limited release this weekend. About 300 theaters will be screening The Interview over the next week — a far cry from the 3,000 screens it was scheduled to hit originally.

    The deal between Sony and YouTube is fragile — both sides are trying to make an amenable agreement in under 24 hours, and it is Christmas Eve, after all. But, according to Stelter, Sony is eager to announce an online distribution plan today, which could result in the single biggest day of online rentals ever on Christmas. According to recode, Sony also plans to make The Interview available on its own website and on Google Play.