Will Anne Hathaway’s Giggle-Fest Finally Make People Love Her?

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    Anne Hathaway’s new film, which will be in select theaters, on demand and on iTunes this Friday, is called Song One, where she plays a Ph.d student whose brother is in a coma. And after she explained that to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, the two of them could not stop laughing.

    This may be the moment when the world stops hating Anne Hathaway.

    Gawker described the moment as “real candid,” and professed, “I don’t think Anne Hathaway has ever been so likable.”

    Commenter “Yogi” on Uproxx, says “I’ve always thought Anne Hathaway was fine, never cared all that much. This just made me fall in love with her.”

    Of course, there are certainly plenty of comments featuring the standard “I hate Anne Hathaway for no reason” sentiment.

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    So, perhaps America is still not quite ready to jump on the Oscar-winning actor’s bandwagon, but her candid, giggly moment could be a step in the right direction with the tabloid crowd.