British Film Critic Demolishes “Entourage” Movie

  • Have you seen the new Entourage movie? Probably not. It’s not exactly setting any box office records, and it’s 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t helping anything. But if you were the sort of person interested in watching Vinny Chase and the boys enjoy their bro-tastic Hollywood fantasy, you’re probably not reading the reviews. Which is good for fans of the HBO series, because the critics have not been kind, and no one was more vicious than British film critic Mark Kermode. As the chief film critic for the Observer, Kermode went to town in a recent appearance on BBC Radio, calling Entourage “the most loathsome, consumerist, male dream.” Watch this epic demolition above.

    “I hate it, I absolutely hate it,” Kermode said. “I hate it, I loathe it, I despise it, I detest it, I feel contempt for it.” He then goes on to rip what he calls this “pornographic, consumerist, hate-filled piece of propaganda.”

    Kermoda points out that most movies that focus on the glittery, fantasy world of the rich and famous eventually have a twist or moral. A point where the characters realize there’s more to life than fast cars and emotionless sex. Entourage does not reach that point, and in fact doubles down on how totally rad it is to be wealthy in Hollywood. It’s like if Jurassic World was about a family enjoying a theme park vacation and then going home safe. There’s no plot. There’s no consequence.

    In his review for The Guardian, Kermode cut even harder, calling the film a “soul-scraping orgy of crass ‘bros-before-hos’ cliches.” But this is all beside the point. Entourage is one of those films, either you’ll see it or you’ll refuse to ever watch a second of it. Nothing is going to change your mind either way. But watch esteemed film critic Mark Kermode absolutely burn it to the ground sure is fun to watch!