What if that asteroid had been just a bit off target?
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    Who needs “Jurassic World” when you can have a cuddly dinosaur friend that teaches you the value of kindness?

    Disney-Pixar released the official US trailer for “The Good Dinosaur,” a movie about an alternate universe where the asteroid never hit Earth and dinosaurs lived on to co-exist with human beings, and an adorable apatosaurus has adventures with a little cave boy.

    This is from the same people who brought us “Finding Nemo” and “Up,” so of course the dino / boy friendship is going to be so heartwarming you’re going to die from all the feels. (Is it weird that I felt all wistful during that shot of the asteroid skimming past Earth and the dinosaurs glancing up in surprise, even though that scenario would end up with me living in a cave somewhere?)

    What’s more intriguing to me is the animation, which is looking pretty amazing. The shots of leaves, mountains and rain are so realistic, I wondered if it was live-action footage. If anything the movie will be a feast for the eyes, even if I will feel silly crying over a big green cartoon dinosaur.