2021 Oscar Predictions – June 2020

The Academy is sticking with a February Ceremony, for now...

Last month, The Academy made a few HUGE announcements regarding the 93rd Academy Awards. The three big ones are as follows:

  • For This Awards Year Only, Streamed Films To Be Eligible for Oscars®
  • Going forward, the sound mixing and sound editing awards will be combined into one category: Best Sound.
  • …the 93rd Oscars telecast is scheduled to air Sunday, February 28, 2021, on ABC

And even with all of this, we still don’t know what is gonna happen this awards season. So many films have pushed their releases to later this year, next year, some postponed indefinitely, some going straight to streaming, and there are also some we just don’t know when they’re coming out! 

But what is the future of seeing movies IN theaters? We’re seeing more and more films go digital, like ARTEMIS FOWL, SCOOB! and WORKING MAN. But the latest is probably the biggest Oscar-y film to be announced, and that is the upcoming Tom Hanks film, GREYHOUND. It will now go straight to Apple+, but it doesn’t have a release date, so I’m still not gonna put it in these predictions until we find out what the deal is. But with something that was predicted to have a solid Oscar campaign going for it going straight to Apple+, will other big Oscar contenders follow to ensure that their films are released this season? Only time will tell.

But for now, if the Oscars are still happening, so are these predictions! 

And note as always, there are still a handful of films where we don’t know who will be lead vs supporting, original or adapted screenplay, only time will tell!

What are YOUR predictions? Do you agree with mine? Do you think The Oscars will still happen in February?
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