Why Are Movie Trailers Terrible?

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Movie trailers are incredibly repetitive. Sure, we can ignore that and still get hyped up about a movie if it’s something we’re looking forward to already, but outside of those, they tend to be forgettable and dull more often than not.

    The Now You See It YouTube channel has created a video breaking down the formula used in most trailers, ultimately explaining why it is that we aren’t as enticed by movie trailers as we once were, before we’d seen hundreds of basically the same ones. The video also explores some trailers that don’t follow formula, and why they’re successful and memorable. Hopefully the studios that commission trailers will start to realize that these tired repetitions are going in our brains and right back out again, and give us more unique and interesting trailers. Maybe even ones that don’t spoil the entire plot of a film up front. Is that asking too much?