Derek Zoolander: All You Could Ever Want to Know

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  • With less than a month to go, promotion for the long-awaited Zoolander sequel is ramping up. The latest is a video interview by Vogue with the titular fictional character.

    Derek Zoolander himself (played, of course, by Ben Stiller) leads us around in a tour of his home (just the first floor, the second floor is for summer only) and answers 73 questions in the typical clueless Zoolander way.

    If this and the trailer are any indication, the sequel shares a lot of the same humor as the beloved original, which will inevitably lead to the questions of whether it will work when a) we’ve already seen it before and b) we’re in essentially a different era than we were when they original film came out.

    Fingers crossed Zoolander 2 makes us all laugh as much as Zoolander did the first time around, but we all know how things went when they released that Anchorman sequel.