Fargo’s Connections Between Movie and Series

  • Source: vimeo.com / Via: vimeo.com

  • When Fargo was announced as a TV series, so many years after the film, nobody was really sure what to make of it, or how well it would do. But striking out into the world of anthology story telling, so far the show has done well on its own, and made a name for itself outside of the film (despite the names being, well, the same).

    That having been said, there are still a number of similarities not only between the series and the show, but between the two stand alone seasons themselves. A vimeo user decided he wanted to make a video combining scenes from all three to, in his words, “connect some of the events, characters and scenes of the movie and both seasons, to see how similar they are.”

    If you’re a Fargo fan, take a look at the video and see if it changes the way you view any of the source media. And guess we’ll see what season three brings…