Supercut: People Getting Drunk in Movies

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  • It’s that time of the week again. What time? Supercut time! Where we inevitably post a video featuring a supercut of X happening in a whole bunch of movies, because these videos keep getting made and keep going viral. Please, someone to a supercut of all the supercut videos. Actually, don’t do that. We can only take so much.

    This week’s supercut, however, is one near and dear to the heart of many 20-somethings, and that is getting drunk. A good drunk scene in a film is hard to come by, despite the fact that most actors in these roles are undoubtedly going method. Actually, that may be why they don’t turn out so great. But when they’re great, they’re great, and you hope desperately to emulate their awesomeness the next time you’re downing shot number eight at a western-themed gay bar as the lights flash so many different pretty colors. Where were we? Oh, right. Supercut of people drinking in movies. Hey, it’s fun. Check it out. And maybe tip back a glass or two while you’re at it. We only live once! (Hopefully.)