Here’s Your First Look at the New Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie!

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  • Oh how we wish there as just a little bit more to this trailer! The full length trailer can’t get here fast enough!

    For those who had no idea this was coming, the latest Disney live-action to hit theaters is a re-tooled “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast (probably the CGI character formally known as Beast). Kevin Kline will be playing Belle’s father Maurice, which is a performance we can’t wait to see, and the infamous Gaston will be played by Luke Evans.

    Bonus, Ian McKellan will be playing Cogsworth with Ewan McGregor as the charming Lumiere. Sadly, Angela Lansbury won’t be returning as Mrs. Potts (the woman is 90 years-old, completely understandable), in her place will be Emma Thompson.

    We’re not sure how this is going to affect the iconic song sung by Mrs. Potts, or if Disney is going to use the original recording. It’s hard to tell from the trailer whether or not the movie will be any good, but at the very least it’s definitely going to be beautiful.

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