Finding Nemo Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

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  • With Finding Dory, the long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s 2003 hit Finding Nemo, coming out in just a couple days, this is the perfect time for a Finding Nemo installment of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers.

    If you’re not familiar with Honest Trailers, they put together a trailer and tell us the cold hard truth about what the film is actually about based on what we see on the screen. These trailers are usually a total evisceration of the film (even the good ones — though most of them aren’t), but Finding Nemo’s just so gosh dang good that Screen Junkies did have to reach a bit to come up with truths to point out about the family friendly tear-jerker.

    What do you think the creepiest thing about Finding Nemo was? What Honest Trailers would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @WhatsTrending.