Disney Finally Gives Us A Latina Princess Who Looks Latina

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  • Elena of Avalor is not Disney’s first Latina princess, but we love her look!

    It’s true, Disney has had a Latina princess for years named “Sofia the first,” a character who drew sharp criticism from the Latin community for having blue eyes and fair skin.

  • Sofia
  • As a result of the criticism, Disney has introduced a spin-off series, “Elena of Avalor,” who is a pretty bad ass princess. She’s the first princess since Mulan seen handling a sword (proficiently we might add) and for all appearances refuses to be a damsel in distress.

    Aimee Carrero, the voice of Elena, told ABC News, “What I love most about Elena is she’s her own hero. There’s no Prince Charming, so I hope people at home watching will just be inspired her sense of self, her confidence and her leadership.”

    Elena is a 16 year-old princess who was imprisoned for 41 years in an amulet by an evil sorceress. After her release, the soon-to-be queen journeys to take her kingdom back and learns how to rule properly in the process. According to Mashable, the series will feature the usual Disney musical numbers, and is inspired by multiple Hispanic cultures, so everyone will be able to find a little bit of their home in the show.

    The series premieres July 22nd on the Disney channel.