Ghostbusters II Ruined Ghostbusters

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  • By now, we’ve all heard endlessly about people (mainly men) being upset about the new Ghostbusters movie “ruining the franchise” because it doesn’t feature the original cast (and instead features women). There’s been tons of arguing back and forth that isn’t even worth getting into — Go see the movie for yourself! Make your own decision! — but it will undoubtedly continue at least until the film has left theaters.

    But in the meantime, ScreenJunkies took to their Honest Trailer series to point out what we’ve all been overlooking — it’s pretty irrelevant if you think the new Ghostbusters film could “ruin the franchise,” because if anything could ruin it (newsflash: it can’t), it would be Ghostbusters II. The video goes on to point out how the cash-grabbing sequel managed to have the exact same plot as the original while being horrendously unfunny, along with nodding at other failures of the film along the way.

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