Can You Pass This Really Hard Disney Quiz?

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  • Think you’re a master at Disney trivia? Think you’re so good you could do this quiz drunk? Think again.

    YouTube channel Screen Rant has released the latest in their “Ultimate Movie Quiz” series. This time, the quiz centers on the complete history of Disney, including movies from Fantasia to Frozen.

    The challenging quiz brags that “only true Disney fans” will be able to get most of the answers correct, and they’re not kidding. These questions truly are hard for anyone without catalogued knowledge of the Disney universe and the work that went into them – in other words, unless someone works for Disney they might not pass this test.

    The quiz asks questions like “Why didn’t Fantasia make a profit” and “why couldn’t James Baskett, the star of Song of the South (perhaps the most controversial Disney movie), attend the movie’s premiere?” Some of the questions rely upon common sense and knowledge of history, while others necessitate knowledge of Disney production details.

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