The First Full Trailer for ‘Moana’ Has Dropped, and It Looks Amazing

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  • Moana, Disney’s latest animated film, will be hitting theaters in Thanksgiving, a full month ahead of Disney’s last film of the year, Rogue One. (Missed the trailer for that one? We’re pretty excited about it.) The film’s first full-length trailer launched this week, and it looks amazing.

    Featuring the voices of Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho, the movie takes place on the Polynesian islands and features the first Polynesian princess Moana (voiced by Cravalho) looking for the demigod Maui, hero of man, to help her save her island from a great, mysterious force. Joining them on their quest is Heihei, the rooster, voiced by Alan Tudyk.

    When Maui refuses to partake in an adventure with a “little girl”, Moana displays her power: she is friends with the ocean and can control it. The ocean looks like it’ll be a side character in the film as well, and it displays human-like actions — memorably, when it high-fives Moana. We saw this in the Japanese teaser, but it was unexplained up until now. Maui and Moana must venture through, as Maui calls it, a “whole ocean of bad”, including the coconut-clad pirates known as the Kakamora.

    The film contains new music from Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and former star of Hamilton, and comes from the same studio that has brought you films like Zootopia and Frozen. Its list of credited voices also includes Jemaine Clement and Nicole Scherzinger.

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