‘The Giver’ Trailer is Released & Packed With Famous People!

  • The Giver – Official Trailer – The Weinstein Company

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Grammy award winner Meryl Streep and Oscar award winner Taylor Swift star in…wait…other way around… Either way, who would expect these two names to be side-by-side on IMDb? The Weinstein Company released its trailer for ‘The Giver,’ which has a line-up of big named stars. The adaption of the award winning young adult novel written by Lois Lowry will hit theaters on August 15th.

    The story is set in a utopian state where there is no pain or sadness. However, the main character Jonas, discovers the dark truth about humanity. One key difference the trailer gives away between the film and the novel is that the film is in color, whereas in the novel, the characters see in black and white. Other than that, it looks like most details will be saved till its release.