4 Bands You Loved As A Teen That Still Got It

  • Panic! at the Disco

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    The bros who brought those screenshots from I Write Sins Not Tragedies to the front of your customized middle school agenda book may have fallen off your radar, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped making music! Just last year they put out Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, and it’s definitely an update from their original alternative sound. It still has all the fun and theatrics, but a bit more electronic. If you haven’t listened to them since 2006, we promise it’s worth a listen.

  • Good Charlotte – The Madden Brothers

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    Don’t pretend you weren’t sooo into Good Charlotte back in their Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous days. Maybe you got over it and decided they were “totally lame” and forgot all about them, but maybe you should give them another listen. Brothers Benji and Joel Madden have started their own project The Madden Brothers and just released their new single We Are Done, off of their album Greetings From California that will drop in September. The new single is NOTHING like you’ve heard from them before. They dropped the pop-punk vibe and traded it in for “sunny pop-rock” and “an earthy blend of folk, southern rock, and 70’s era FM pop”, according to their website. It’s like a totally new band and its allll good.

  • From First to Last – Skrillex


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    If you were an “emo kid” (even if you would never admit it) you probably lived for From First to Last. Front man Sonny Moore left the band, disappeared for a few years, and re-emerged as Skrillex: Dubstep King. This is maybe the craziest update to a sound that we’ve come across, and chances are you’ve already heard it. Skrillex has gotten way more attention than FFTL ever did. However, if you are a FFTL fan, chances are you’ll hate his new music.

  • The Used

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    Do you still cry when you hear Taste Of Ink? Then you should check out what The Used is doing. This year they released their new album Imaginary Enemy and it’s just as intense and energetic as every high school memory you can muster. However, the sound has definitely gotten an update. It’s slightly more catchy, poppy and upbeat with “Electronic and synth-beats are thrown in amid the democratic anecdotes,” according to Punk News. Despite that, this is their most politically motivated album to date, and original fans would still love it.