Nick Jonas Celebrates His Birthday With A Music Video

  • Nick Jonas – Jealous

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    Yesterday was a pretty big day for Nick Jonas. Not only was it his birthday (happy belated, Nick!), but it was also the premiere of the music video for his latest single “Jealous.” The video is a little bit of a departure from his previous “Chains” music video, but definitely continues with the image that Nick has been striving for.

  • Nick Jonas – Chains

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    These music videos definitely have us excited for Nick’s new album! From what we’ve heard so far, Nick’s new sound is definitely a departure from his past playing with his brothers in the Jonas Brothers. His music also seems more honest and more specific than it’s ever been.

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  • Nick’s new music video actually features the person that inspired him to write the song. Miss Universe 2012 and Nick’s girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. Seeing her, it’s easy to see why Nick would write this new hit, we don’t doubt that she definitely gets some stares! She’s gorgeous!

  • Nick Jonas sings “Jealous” LIVE! | What’s Trending EXCLUSIVE

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    Nick also stopped by What’s Trending recently to give us an exclusive, acoustic performance of “Jealous.” We absolutely love how well the song works both acoustically, and produced the way it is on the album. The acoustic version has a calmer, somber feel while the studio version has a really nice old school R&B feel. We can’t choose which one we like better, so we’re just going to keep jamming out to both!

    Nick’s new, self-titled album will be out on November 11 later this year and we’re definitely picking up a copy!