Brunettes Shoot Blondes Use 14 Screens To Tell A Love Story In Their New Music Video

  • Knock Knock (Teaser)

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    We’ve never seen anything like this Brunettes Shoot Blondes video for their new single Knock Knock. This love ballad is digitally brought to life on 14 different screens of various portable electronics.

    The entire thing is so well thought out, that it’s surprisingly beautiful. All the animations are intricately timed so that the transition between the screens goes smoothly. The animated characters tell the story of a man bunny (the mascot of the band) chasing after the one he loves to get her back.

    The band is originally from Ukraine and is considered to be part of the New Ukrainian Independent Scene. They formed in 2010 and are on the rise around Europe.

    With their incredible music talents and creative eye, this band is definitely one to watch out for!