Gnesa’s “Wilder” is The Craziest Song You Won’t Believe You Missed in 2012

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    One wonders how IceJJFish and D4nny became cringe-inducing Internet superstars while Gnesa remained in obscurity. Her 2012 music video, “Wilder,” is an epic pastiche of harmonic ineptitude that just today hit the top of Reddit Videos.

    But, “Wilder” has everything one could ask for in a viral sensation: a genuine-looking but tone deaf leading lady, a bland and ineffectual light show background, a verse-chorus combination that seem to have mashed together chords selected at random.

    What makes the Gnesa story even better is the mystique surrounding her identity. Gnesa’s video has been on YouTube for almost two years, but she has not yet posted a follow-up. In fact, the only other video on her channel is a photo compilation with a Creative Commons background beat that offers few answers:

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    Jezebel was on top of this “track” when it first “dropped,” so hats off to them. But, since I’m just seeing it and doing research now, here’s what we know about Gnesa:

    She has a Facebook page, and her last name is either “Agnes” or “Singer.” Neither of those seem very apropos, so it’s a toss-up. Her last post was from July 2013, and reads: “I’m on Instagram …. gnesaa.” But that account is private.

    Her previous shows were in Astoria, NY. So this is a call to New Yorkers: keep your eyes out for Gnesa! She is missing! If you spot her, let us know, and find out when we can expect the “Wilder” follow-up.

    The Internet’s culture blogs will appreciate it.