Taylor Swift Fans ‘DIE’ When She Invites Them To Her House

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Taylor Swift’s fans would die for her.

    The singer went on The Graham Norton Show to talk about inviting her fans over for a secret session of listening to her new album, “1989.”

    She found these fans on the Internet and secretly stalked them on social media for a few months before picking the lucky winners.

    “I’m the most proud of this album than any album I’ve done before so I wanted to give fans a chance to hear it before it came out and I’ve never done this before,” Swift told Norton. “I wanted it to be fans I’ve never met before, but are so dedicated to my music.”

    After the memorable visit to Casa De Swift, her fans of course blogged about it and every single one of them spoke about dying. Graham Norton reads them out loud on air.

    “So she says she will be playing her album for us. Let me tell you the noise that came out of my mouth was not human. I legit almost told Mama Swift to call me an ambulance cause I wasn’t going to make it.”

    Another one read:

    “So then we took a little break to stretch our legs and she was passing around Rice Krispie treats and cookies and I was talking to her mom for a little and then I walked back in and she was like, ‘HEY BABE THANKS FOR COMING, DO YOU WANT A TREAT’ AND I WAS LIKE I WOULD BUT I THINK I’M DEAD.”

    Swift’s reaction? “Those are so funny, I think I’m going to die.”