Taylor Swift Explains The Influence Behind Her New Single ‘Out Of The Woods’

  • Taylor Swift Talks About “Out Of The Woods”

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Taylor Swift recently released her second single “Out Of The Woods” from her upcoming album 1989 on iTunes.

    In this video this pop star explains that her goal was to make sure the songs on 1989 sounded exactly the way the emotions felt when she felt them. “Out Of The Woods” is about the “fragility and breakable nature” of some relationships. She exemplifies how the relationship the song is based off of was one where she never felt like she was standing on solid ground.

    Many of her fans are under suspicion that this is the song about Harry Styles. What do you think?

    Either way, from what we have gotten from 1989 so far, this album is definitely going to continue to catch our attention!