Childish Gambino Hates Vertical Videos As Much As You

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    Childish Gambino, aka actor/comedian/musician Donald Glover, performed on October 10th at the Austin City Limits music festival. During the song “Worldstar,” from his 2013 album “Because the Internet,” Glover noticed a fan in the front of the crowd shooting video of him in the vertical format.

    So he did what any professional performer would do in 2014 – stop the show and jump off-stage to correct the error, flipping the fan’s phone to the more proper, horizontal mode, thus allowing for a video that would fill up a YouTube player.

    The phenomenon of irritating vertical videos has been beguiling and frustrating YouTube fans for years now. It’s been the subject of numerous parody videos, including the smash hit “Turn Your Phone” from Chescaleigh…

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    And this PSA from Glove and Boots.

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