Sister Cristina Sings “Like A Virgin,” Pretends It’s Not About Big Penis

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    Sister Cristina won the first season of The Voice Italy and has now released her first single, a cover of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” And, yeah, it’s easy to see what she’s going for here, and it kind of makes sense.

    The lyric “I made it through the wilderness / Somehow I made it through / Didn’t know how lost I was / Until I found you,” at first listen, does sound like part of a Christian rock ballad. Sister Cristina explained the song choice to Italian magazine Avvenire:

    Reading the text, without being influenced by previous interpretations, you discover that it is a song about the power of love to renew people. To rescue them from their past. And this is the way that I wanted to interpret it.

    Great! Except for the fact that Quentin Tarantino already informed all of us that the song is about a guy with a big dick.

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    So, obviously, all songs are open to interpretation. (Okay, maybe not “I Am A God” — that one’s pretty straightforward.) People are allowed to interpret a song however they choose.

    The only problem is that “Like A Virgin” is about a guy with a huge wang and everyone knows it.