Collaborating To Share The Powers Of The Human Voice | #WebCrushWednesday

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    Our web crush this week has actually been having a pretty exciting week. Peter Hollens released his self titled album on Monday and it is filled to the brim with collaborations with some of our favorite musicians on and off YouTube, including one with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

  • Ed Sheeran – I See Fire – The Hobbit – Peter Hollens

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    Peter is known for his A Capella covers on YouTube, where he records multiple tracks of his voice to piece together a cover using only sounds created by the human voice and mouth. Peter’s album follows the eclectic sounds of his YouTube channel, but he also includes a few stomps and claps here and there.

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    Peter says collaborating is his “most favorite thing on Earth to do” and his album is evident of that. His new album includes collaborations with artists on YouTube, like Lindsey Stirling and Avi Kaplan of YouTube’s A Capella supergroup, Pentatonix. Peter also worked with artists off of YouTube including Sabrina Carpenter, one of the lead actresses of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World.

  • Epic Disney Medley – Peter Hollens & Alex G Acappella

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    However, Peter is no stranger to collaborating. This Disney Medley that he did with fellow YouTube musician Alex G is one of Peter’s most viewed videos and was actually screened in many Disney stores nationwide.

  • Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire – Peter Hollens Feat. Alaa Wardi

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    One of our absolute favorite collaborations and covers from Peter is when he crossed the language barrier and did a cover in a different language! We’re glad to see Peter pushing the collaboration envelope and sharing the world of YouTube and social media to traditional artists and getting more exposure for #TeamInternet.

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