Lorde Covers “Don’t Tell Em” and Slams Diplo

  • Lorde covers Jeremih’s Don’t Tell ‘Em in the Live Lounge

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    Lorde stopped by the BBC1 Radio Live Lounge to give Jeremih’s “Don’t Tell Em” a bit of a dark twist. New YouTube channel idea, someone just cover all of the most popular top 40 hits in the style of Lorde. I’m willing to split the profits of this brainchild, as my voice definitely is ot as impressive as Lorde’s.

    But, this video isn’t the only news that Lorde made online this week. Turns out if you’re on Lorde’s team (see what I did there?), she will definitely come to our defense. She proved this when Katy Perry’s boyfriend and well-known DJ, Diplo tweeted looking for a kickstarter to get Lorde’s new bestie, Taylor Swift, a new butt.

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  • Lorde promptly swooped in defense of the “Blank Space” singer when she noticed that Diplo tweeted about the matter more than once. He actually linked the a crowdfunding page that one of his fans had made, asking for donations to get T. Swift a new Kim K. booty.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Injk59f

    Oh yeah, she went there.

    I never thought Bowling For Soup would be relevant to anything ever in 2014 but…I’m just going to leave this here.

  • Bowling For Soup – High School Never Ends

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