Five Dudes Reenacted Beyonce’s “7/11.” ‘Nuff Said.

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    Okay, not ’nuff said. This is “Boyonce.” (Might I recommend Brostiny’s Child?)

    These five guys acted out a parody of Beyonce’s much-loved “7/11” video, complete with shirtless dancing and actual kale. There’s enough red Solo cup shaking and bathtub booty popping to compete with the year’s biggest Sigma Chi party, which I’m sure will try to do just that.

    Don’t worry, I won’t let this post devolve into a full-on Bro Hate Fest. I write 10 of these damn things a day! PLENTY of time to get out the vitriol I’ve felt toward attractive shirtless men for the last 20 years.

    Okay. Now it’s ’nuff said.