Guy Who Looks Like Steve Aoki Gets Mobbed In Perth

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    Photographer Jarrad Seng looks a lot like Steve Aoki — so much so that a recent walk around the grounds of a music festival in Perth, Australia, was instantly disrupted by a bombardment of fans taking selfies, touching him on the shoulder and generally invading his space.

    Seng seems pretty cool with the whole thing, despite some pretty obnoxious physical intrusions. What’s up with these guys just taking a selfie, unasked, with him as he’s walking. At least have the decency to ask.

    Also, what’s with that weird desire to put your hands somewhere, anywhere, on a famous person. Are you expecting them to feel different? Or maybe all celebrities are really ghosts?

    By the end of the video, festival attendees are in on the joke, since the real Steve Aoki is performing on stage while Seng is partying in the crowd. Either that, or double vision is normal for today’s music festival goers and they didn’t think much of it.