DJ Earworm’s 2014 Mashup Is Here!

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    Every year since 2008, DJ Earworm has mashed up the 25 biggest songs of the year in his annual United States of Pop series. It’s become a staple of the holiday season, as indicative December as Top 10 movie lists, Michael Buble and climate change denial.

    Each video in the series is a brilliantly-blended fusion of the day’s biggest pop stars, and if you do go back to 2008, you get a pretty good idea of how much things have changed already.

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    That’s right, Leona Lewis, lots of Chris Brown, and Ray J doing a song with someone named Yung Berg. The pop world is fickle, people.

    Want even more of these same songs? Us The Duo did their own medley of songs.

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    Unfortunately, it seems like “Everybody Knows Shit’s Fucked” did not make the cut.