Viral Star Sophia Grace Now Has A Real, Original Music Video

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    This is the official video for Sophia Grace’s “Best Friends.” Who is Sophia Grace, you ask? She looks like a little girl, you say. What the hell, you exclaim. I’m sleepy, you think.

    I’ll answer those questions for you. Sophia Grace Brownlee had a viral hit back in 2011 with her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” And we’re not talking Tiny Hamster viral. We’re not even talking Apparently Kid viral. We’re talking even bigger than Ice JJ Fish viral. She even cemented her viral status by appearing on Ellen.

    Now she’s a few years older (11, to be exact), and she’s gunning to be a real pop star. (Not so much her cousin Rosie, I guess.)

    Is it on the level of a Patrice Wilson tune? Not quite, but this is what we’re in for and you better just accept it. This is entertainment in 2015.