The Nas/Beastie Boys Collaboration Time Forgot!

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    Back in 2011, Nas and the Beastie Boys appeared together on the track “Too Many Rappers” from what turned out to be the Beasties’ final album, “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.” (No, there wasn’t a “Hot Sauce Committee Part One.” It’s all very complicated.)

    Anyway, director Roman Coppola (of the directing Coppolas) shot a video for the song featuring all three Beasties and Nas wandering around some national monuments and a grocery store. This clip was never released, or really even seen by a mainstream audience before, until being quietly dropped on the website of editor Neil Usatin.

    And now it’s on YouTube for everyone to enjoy! Well, everyone who didn’t click it expecting the follow-up to “Too Many Cooks.” Those people are all in for a let down.