Sam Smith to Pay Tom Petty Royalties for “Stay With Me”

  • Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” the international hit that’s graced high school graduations and CW rain montages for the last year, is reportedly going to have to share its royalties with Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.”

    Ever since “Stay With Me” started making Top 40 fans cry onto their dashboards and empty iPods, people and musicians alike have noticed the similarities between the songs. After being contacted, Sam Smith and co. quickly acknowledged that they’d Dane Cooked Tom Petty and amicably decided to share 12.5% of the song’s profits with the music legend.

    The cool part if you’re Tom Petty is that the entire hook of “Stay With Me” is merely the melody for the verse in “I Won’t Back Down.” Scraps. Awesome.

    If people are going to start sharing royalties on similar melodies, though, I’m excited for the composer of the Full House theme song to start getting royalties for the guitar solo in the Green Day song “21 Guns.”

  • If this news story sets any precedent, it’s that the Full House guy’s about to have a much bigger house to fill (I’m sorry, we all deserved a better joke than that).

    Compare the two songs to see a similarity close enough to hold up in the court of law. OF LAW.

  • I wonder if Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers now perform “Free Fallin” by singing the “And I’m freeeee” part and then bursting out into maniacal, teeth-filled, eyes-never-blinking laughter.

    via Vulture

  • UPDATE: Statement from Tom Petty