Brian Williams Likes It Doggystyle, Rapping “Who Am I (What’s My Name?)”

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    “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” The answer, of course, is Snoop Dee-oh-double-g. Though, through the magic of 30 hours of editing from the staff of The Tonight Show, the answer may be NBC news anchor Brian Williams.

    Williams raps from multiple verses of the classic 1993 track. Here are the lyrics, in case you want to sing along (many thanks to Rap Genius):

    From the depths of the sea, back to the block

    Snoop Doggy Dogg, funky as the, the, The D.O.C

    Went solo on that ass, but it’s still the same

    Long Beach is the spot where I serve my ‘caine

    Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me, but don’t lose your grip

    Nine-trizzay’s the yizzear for me to fuck up shit

    So I ain’t holdin nuttin’ back

    And motherfucker, I got five on that twenty sack

    Now just throw your hands in the motherfuckin air

    And wave the motherfuckers like ya just don’t care

    Yeah roll up the dank, and pour the drank

    And watch your step (why?) cuz Doggy’s on the gank

    Layin that, playin that G Thang

    She want the nigga with the biggest nuts, and guess what?

    He is I, and I am him, slim with the tilted brim

    What’s my motherfuckin name?

    And you know you want more now. Here’s the original music video:

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