UPDATE: Kanye Says Beck Should Have Given Award To Beyonce

  • UPDATE: During his interview with E! after the show, Kanye elaborated on why he took the stage during Beck’s acceptance speech: “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyonce,” he said.

  • Kanye continues to struggle in his efforts to convince the world that art is not entirely subjective. Doesn’t Kanye know how the Grammy Awards work? This is Beck’s award for albums he made in the 90s. Beyonce and Kanye will win their Album of the Year awards in 2032, for far lesser achievements.

    Is it possible that Kanye is really behind @EveryTweet_Ever?

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    When asked to clarify his comments about Beck and the Grammys, Kanye insisted that he “[loves] Beck, but he ain’t have Album of the Year.”

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    Beck won the Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ on Sunday night, beating out Beyonce for her critically-acclaimed self-titled album. As Beck was giving his acceptance speech, it appeared momentarily as though Kanye West was about to do what he very famously did to Taylor Swift.

    Yeah, we’re not sure what that was all about, but it’s quite possible that Kanye was about to take matters into his own hands, and decided to let it slide at the last minute. Or…he was doing a carefully-crafted bit, deciding that a nod to his own notorious past was more important than letting the winner have his moment.

    Here’s how Jay-Z and Beyonce reacted:

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    Watch the original “Imma Let You Finish” moment below, from the 2009 VMAs:

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