Kanye West Vs. Beck Vs. Taylor Swift vs. Beyonce – The Ultimate Mashup

  • UPDATE: Well, iPunx really did it. Here’s “Loser Walks With Trouble,” a mashup of Beck AND Taylor Swift AND Kanye West AND Beyonce. What else could be added to this? Drake? ELO? Someone will figure something out.

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    Download the track for free from Soundcloud.


  • Once Kanye took the stage at The Grammys as Beck was about to accept his Album of the Year award, we knew the mashups would be following. After all, most music fans know that these artists aren’t as opposed as you’d think. Both are genre-bending music encyclopedias, both have rapped about Hollywood, and both have…uhhh…interesting personal lives.

    DJ Steve Porter put Kanye and Beck together earlier this week:

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    Why is everyone going with “Loser”? Sure, it was his first hit, but I’m positive “The New Pollution” beat would be perfect with Kanye’s “Stronger.”

    Just this morning, iPunx posted a threeway mashup — Beck + Kanye + Taylor Swift. It’s called “Loser Walks”:

  • Now, this is thorough. Who wants to go for the full foursome? I’m talking, of course, about Beck, Kanye, Taylor Swift and Beyonce. In fact, I’m shocked Kanye hasn’t protested these mashups already for not including the Queen!

    I mean, sure, there’s the Beckyonce mashup — but that’s only two of them! And they don’t even really have a feud.