Foo Fighters Fan Says “It’s My Birthday, Can I Play Drums?”

  • Dave Grohl, already one of the most likeable and chill dudes in rock n’ roll, cements his status as the coolest dude in the game with this one. At a Foo Fighters concert in Toronto last week, one fan help up a sign saying, “It’s my birthday, can I play drums?” Not a typical fan sign, and not something anyone would actually expect to have happen. But Dave “coolest dude in the game” Grohl said yes, and young Anthony Bifolchi got one badass birthday gift.

    Bifolchi jumped on stage for “Big Me“. (His first choice “Best of You” got this response from Grohl: “You ain’t playing that [bleep]ing song, that’s the last one we’re going to play tonight, ding dong.” Love that guy!) Anyway, Bifolchi jumped on stage, played the song, didn’t mess up, and made a special memory. And then Grohl told him to get the f*** off the stage.