Kesha Performs Bob Dylan Cover With Ben Folds

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  • Kesha’s legal battles with Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records may be over, but the struggle is still happening. And very publicly. After Kemosabe gave permission for Kesha to perform a tribute to Bob Dylan at the Billboard Music Awards, they turned around and revoked it, a move many are blaming on, of course, Dr. Luke himself. The public outcry at this was notable, and as of yesterday, they’ve flip flopped again and decided Kesha CAN perform at the awards show.

    But regardless of where that particularly performance ultimately lands, a good thing that’s come out of this, is that Ben Folds stepped up and invited Kesha to perform a cover of Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe” at his concert in LA last night. Other artists continuing to show Kesha support, both via Twitter and through actual acts such as this and Zedd remixing one of his own songs to include Kesha’s vocals, is inspiring and gives us hope that her career won’t be killed, despite what seems to be Dr. Luke’s best efforts.

    Kesha also performed two of Folds’ own songs with him, which you can watch below:

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