Beyoncé Smashes Everything in New Music Video

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  • As we all know by now, when Beyoncé releases a new music video, the whole world stops and looks. Which is exactly the way it should be. And with almost 2.5 million views the day after its release, her video for “Hold Up” is certainly no exception to the rule.

    “Hold Up,” like many of the songs from Lemonade, tells the story of a man who isn’t treating his woman right. Beyoncé reacts accordingly in the video by walking along a street smashing everything in sight with a baseball bat. And boy does she look like she’s having fun doing it, smile on her face and everything.

    The video also includes a spoken prelude, “Denial,” with a slightly different vibe — lots of underwater contemplating and screaming. Yet it feels like just the right way to open up into the song itself.

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