Pentatonix & Dolly Parton Harmonize in a Beautiful Version of ‘Jolene’

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  • A cappella group Pentatonix has released a new video featuring Dolly Parton. The collaboration is a re-arrangement of Parton’s classic song “Jolene,” in which all the sounds are made by human voices. (Songs are far from the weirdest things Pentatonix have rearranged — remember them singing tweets a few months ago?)

    Pentatonix, who rose to fame on the show The Sing-Off in 2011, have been making music ever since. They’ve recently started working with big artists, including this collaboration with Jason DeRulo. They’ve also been rearranging for years, including original performances on their multiple tours, albums, and single videos.

    Their most popular song is still their mashup of Daft Punk hits from nearly three years ago. Check out the classic video, which has over 200 million hits, right here:

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  • Parton, who wrote and recorded the song in 1973 as a single and title track for her thirteenth album, memorably performed the song on her television show the Dolly Show. She has also performed the song with other artists, including her goddaughter Miley Cyrus back in her Hannah Montana days, and Katy Perry this year at the American Country Music Awards.

    The song is often covered, including this classic version from the White Stripes:

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