People Are Losing Their Minds (And Underwear) Over This New DNCE Video

  • Joe Jonas Looking Fine AF in DNCE’s “Body Moves” Video



  • Alright so we really need to talk about DNCE’s (yes, its pronounced like an acronym D-N-C-E) new music video for “Body Moves”. It’s hot, and I mean hoooottttt. You know this band via that hot summer hit “Cake by the Ocean” that you couldn’t stop dncing too (see what I did there).

    Joe Jonas and his brothers (remember famed boner-hider Nick and Kevin!?) were the main eye candy of Disney Channel in the 00’s but now they’re all grown up and have started this JoBro fever thing all over again. *fans self*. Nick has his own music career, Kevin is married or whatever, but Joe…JOE is doing THIS:

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  • YEAH. This special gem of the music video variety gives us all we need and more to scheme on some DNCE tickets. It’s also super freaking catchy, which probably should have been my first observation but hey, we all get distracted by shiny things. I’m not the only one ~excited~ about this vid, Twitter had some words about this borderline-NSFW blessing.

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