Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens” Gets Covered in Twenty One Styles

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  • Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is back with a new cover mashup. In his videos, he explores popular songs in new lights. He just did Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens” in the style of 21 artists. The last time we covered Vincent’s awesome channel was when he did a whole bunch of Pokémon covers.

    Vincent does all the musical impressions himself, showing off his impressive range. The list of styles goes from Korn to Aphex Twin to Mozart, with surprisingly good (actually unsurprisingly good, if you’ve seen his videos before) imitations of each of the artists.

    The full list: Twenty One Pilots, Korn, David Bowie, Oasis, Cypress Hill, En Vogue, Hank Williams, Anthrax, Rick James, Andrea Bocelli, Machine Head, Blackstreet, Eagles, Aphex Twin, Mozart, Type O Negative, UB40, Stone Temple Pilots, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sammy Davis Jr., and Nirvana.

    By far, my favorite would have to be Blackstreet. Just because it’s so unexpected. Although Aphex Twin gets insane. And Mozart is a really interesting choice.

    What do you think? What was your favorite impression? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.